I only date ugly people

Hitting puberty at an early age of 11, the hormones had already started to take their respective effects and as a result, I was constantly drawn towards the opposite sex. As the years passed, I taught myself all the basics of dating while learning from my previous mistakes. Soon I had my first stable relationship […]

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Survivng the aftermath of Cancer

When faced with any difficulty people often say ‘Could have been worse’. Yes, it could have been but I’m so glad that it wasn’t. Humans have this inept ability to survive even the unsurvivable situations with emotions. That’s what makes us human- our emotions. Sometimes the real difficulty that we see ahead of us is […]

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The Fight against Cancer

The cruel clutches of cancer has penetrated deep into the society of today with vices like smoking and drinking hugely prevalent. Yet, every now and then we hear these stories of amazing people who have overcome their cancer with sheer determination and courage. But the story I’m about to tell you is no such story. […]

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Plogging- A new Trendsetter

With 2018 hitting the shelves and people becoming more aware of the environment around them, this new trend has become the ideal solution for both the environment and Health-Conscious people around the world Plogging which essentially comprise of running or jogging at outdoor locations while picking up plastics and trash along the way is just […]

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